Artisan Lightworks

Artisan provides 3D designers like you with the easy-to-use tools that you need for the simple creation of photorealistic images, and which fit within your own workflow.

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easy_to_use425x239ARTISAN IS EASY-TO-USE

You don’t need to be a rendering expert to use Artisan because Artisan has a simple and intuitive interface that makes the package very easy to use. There’s no need for parameter editing because we’ve included pre-packaged lighting & environments and a library of drag & drop materials for you to use, with many more on the way. And the rendering? Well that’s just a one click process!


With Artisan you get all the benefits of an integrated system and so there’s no need to export your files. The basic elements of your model and textures are simply carried across from your CAD system into Artisan and then you can enhance your work with Artisan finishes. You can even go back and change or update your model in your CAD application and live updates mean the model will be updated in Artisan as well. Simple!


Artisan includes high quality real-time so you can dynamically navigate around your model whilst you’re still editing it. You can also render your image in real-time to get a high quality interactive preview of your work and it will actually look incredibly close to photorealism. This lets you plan your image and get immediate feedback without waiting until you see your final photorealistic image.


Artisan uses the Lightworks Author rendering engine to create photorealistic images. There is minimal user effort involved in creating stunning images because the one-click rendering means you don’t have to change parameters or set things up, they just work! The drag & drop functionality means you can easily try different things like finishes and backgrounds and simulate precise lighting and material effects, like you’re really there!


Artisan SnapShots are used to store all the data associated with your design at a particular stage in the process. This gives you choice to experiment with your design and create a range of different SnapShots. For example, you can create different configurations of a model prototype to show to your client for quick feedback. Or you could change just one part of the design, like the colour or finishes used and create SnapShots of all these variations. SnapShots allow you to show the history of a building design or lets you archive the development stages of a project for future reference. Artisan also includes Batch Rendering which leaves you free to carry on working with something else whilst you set your renders going.

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