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The textile designers will be over the moon when they try our solution. We have been studying many use cases. We base on the experience of the local designers’ community. Here is a result of our efforts!

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The application is directed at the road industry and traffic organization design. In the latest version of ZWTraffic 2023 we can use a wide library of symbols for vertical and horizontal signs together with the creation of new boards with their own description and their listings. The functionality will help to check the passage of a standard vehicle and insert basic road structures like islands. Creating a detour or directional sign using the available functions will also be more pleasant.

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ZWMetric is dedicated to the costing and architectural industry, but also to the majority of users for whom quantitative and area information and tables of this data are required.

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Block Manager

A panel tool for easier work with blocks. The application allows, among other things, to create, break and add elements to the block.

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Addon full of functions asked by our clients over the years. It has a lot of utilities, for wide spectrum of customers.


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